Co-op Responsibilities

As members of The Barn cooperative, our involvement not only gives us a unique opportunity to be active participants in our children’s first years in school, it also provides a true community of parents and teachers that dedicate their time to the best interests of the children. Our goal is to create a respectful, social and fun learning experience. An invaluable by-product of this involvement is the close relationships and friendships that emerge not only among the children but between the parents and teachers as well. These relationships are what make The Barn so special.

The Barn depends on the support and participation of all its members. By choosing a cooperative school, parents agree to take on a significant responsibility for its operation and overall success.

  • Parent helping at the school – four to six times per year
  • Performing your requested job assignment or working on a committee
  • Attending three membership meetings per year – held in the evening in October, February and May
  • Maintaining the school’s physical space by performing two maintenance shifts to help with various projects
  • Participating in fundraising efforts throughout the year
The Barn takes great efforts to accommodate each family’s unique schedule. Parents may make requests and calendars are published well in advance so families can plan ahead for these special days. Please contact us any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding parental participation.