Why the Barn?

 The Barn Co-Op Nursery School is a family- and community-based learning environment.   Members of a co-op preschool take an active role in their child's early learning; parents participate in day to day activities as parent helpers, and help keep The Barn up and running by participating in maintenance activities.  Families get together for social activities throughout the year, including parent coffees, summer playdates, and our annual fundraiser - the Spring Auction.  The wonderful sense of community extends beyond the preschool years - you don't have to look far to find a Barn friend!


We practice a child-centered philosophy at The Barn, emphasizing the development of the whole child: his or her social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. The overall environment and intentional curriculum at our school create an inviting atmosphere conducive to the child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore and discover. Our programs foster the growth and reinforcement of the child’s positive self-image, risk-taking in a safe environment, independence, and self-help skills.

The Barn uses a play-based curriculum in a literacy-rich environment with many opportunities for dramatic play. It is through play that children learn to socialize, use their imagination, solve problems and become critical thinkers. Children are encouraged to explore both indoors and out, while experiencing art, literature, music, science, and movement.


We envision a diverse, committed and unified community of parents, children and teachers who work together to encourage, enrich and inspire each other.


To create a safe, nurturing and respectful environment for children, families, and teachers where childhood is celebrated.