Play is the most natural and effective way a child learns. Through their play experiences, children practice important social skills, negotiate and solve problems, develop their imagination, and become critical thinkers. For this reason, we value play as the primary context for learning at The Barn. Our curriculum themes are interwoven throughout the children’s play experiences allowing for individual growth and development, with an emphasis on building self-confidence and a love of learning. Thoughtful preparation of materials and intentional teaching by our professional staff enhance these learning opportunities in the areas of Art, Health, Literacy, Math, Music and Science.

The Barn offers a variety of vibrant materials and exciting play areas:

  • Tactile materials for sensory play and fine motor development
  • Building materials (block play and small manipulatives)
  • Dramatic play areas with various themes to foster social interactions
  • Art projects that encourage creativity and self-expression
  • Cozy reading areas and a print-rich environment to promote literacy skills
  • Gross motor play areas – using our lofts and large outdoor playground to promote physical fitness and coordination
  • Music experiences that introduce musical concepts through songs, rhythm, and games